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About Grange Hall

Ashley Clements

Outdoor activities have always excited me and it’s a privilege to be able to combine my passion with making a difference for young people.

I believe our activity days and residential trips can help children of all ages and abilities grow both physically and mentally.

In the beginning it was the enjoyment children had with outdoor activities that enthused me, however over the years I started to realise the long-term good and mental wellbeing the activities offered were just as important.

When teachers have said their leavers assemblies were at times dominated by the memory of previous residential trips, which makes it so special for me.

Starting as a young trainee instructor, I now have over 30 years of practical and management experience and it is with great pride that I welcome you as a specialist in high quality adventure activities and the sole owner. My aim is to offer exhilarating and stimulating experiences in one of the most amazing locations in North Devon.

Grange Hall is a professional, safe and invigorating place to be and I look forward to welcoming you to an exciting future alongside students, staff and fellow instructors.


Qualified instructors

Grange Hall is a professionally run centre offering qualified well trained motivated instructors working inside the remit of national governing bodies. Outside the scope of those bodies all activities are fully risk assessed and operate using best practice. All instructors undertake an extensive training plan for each specific activity.

All activities carry full public liability insurance.

All specialist equipment is provided by the centre and we offer fully residential, tailor-made courses at highly competitive prices.

About Grange Hall

We are striving for excellence and are making conscious efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and use of plastics. We are client focused and driven, the director, manager and highly trained instructors will strive to make your residential stay the highlight of the year.



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